June 24, 2021

Indoor playground benefits for children

Indoor playground benefits for children

Indoor playgrounds are quickly gaining popularity across the United States and experts continue to rave about their many benefits for children. Not only are indoor playgrounds beneficial to children’s development, but they are also FUN and an excellent way to get children moving. Parents can rest assured that when they take their children to an indoor playground, that their children will have a blast while also improving their growth and development. It is definitely a win/win for everyone involved.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of indoor playgrounds and learn a few tips on how to keep everyone safe and entertained when visiting one keep reading. Below we provide more details on everything you need to know about indoor playgrounds! 

Social Benefits 

Indoor playgrounds are an excellent environment for children to engage with other children their own age. These early social interactions are incredibly important for children. Experts state that with regular social interactions, children develop stronger language and communication skills. Through social interactions, children are also able to learn empathy, explore creativity, and develop a sense of self. 

As children play at an indoor playground, they are either playing independently or with other children. Both of these instances are great for helping children develop their social skills and strengthen their ability to communicate. 

However, playing with multiple children further develops your children’s ability to communicate with others, solve problems, and think creatively. The more your children are able to interact and socialize with other children, the more their social skills and development will benefit.  

Physical Benefits 

The physical benefits of indoor playscapes are equally as vital as the social and cognitive benefits. While children are playing, they are also increasing their heart rate and breaking a sweat. This activity has a variety of benefits on both the physical body as well as the growing mind. 

Studies prove that physical activity improves your child’s mental health, boosts self esteem, and reduces anxiety and depression. It also increases concentration and improves behavior which in turn improves performance in school/ability to learn. Additionally, physical activity helps maintain an optimal body weight and decreases the risk of a number of health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. 

From climbing the obstacle courses to an intense game of tag, to balancing on beams, indoor playgrounds expose your child to a variety of exercises that are heart-healthy and help build their muscles. There is no better way to get your child active than to make the activity one that they enjoy. Indoor playgrounds are a perfect balance. 

*See our blog here for other simple ways to get your kids regularly exercising! 

Cognitive Benefits 

The cognitive benefits of indoor playscapes go hand in hand with the social benefits. Through regular playtime, either independently or with friends, children develop fine and gross motor skills. 

The mental stimuli received while children are playing at indoor playgrounds also contribute to brain development. 

This particular type of mental stimuli is specific to indoor playgrounds because they offer a larger space, intricate structures, and more areas to explore with other children. In turn, your children’s cognitive abilities improve as they are continuously acquiring new knowledge and understanding through diverse experiences and play. 

At large playscapes like Mt Playmore, kids can spend hours running, climbing, and playing without ever getting bored. Mt Playmore also has a variety of puzzles for your child to explore and learn from and has age-appropriate areas so that no matter what range of ages your children are, everyone will have something to entertain them. 

For example, Mt Playmore has a toddler-only playscape that is filled with toys, fun elements, and obstacle courses. Climbing, running, balancing on the courses, etc., all help form your children’s gross motor skills in addition to improving their coordination and improving their overall physical and mental health. 

Useful Tips 

Before heading to an indoor playscape, make sure you plan ahead and know the environment that you are about to step into. Dress your children in playground safe clothing and avoid shirts/pants with drawstrings or shoes with laces to alleviate the chance of tripping. 

When you arrive, you scan the entire area for any safety concerns (i.e., pinch points, exposed hardware, damaged surfaces, sharp corners, etc.). Next, consider the age of your children and find age-appropriate areas for each of them. Make sure you are sitting in a spot that provides an ample view of the play space so that your children are always closely supervised in case of an emergency. Typically, indoor playgrounds have an operator and a number of play supervisors that can always provide supervision. 

Be sure to regularly wash your and your family’s hands. Because of all of the children and parent’s going in and out of the playground, there is ample opportunity to come in contact with germs. Finally, make sure everyone is thoroughly hydrated and is taking frequent water breaks. 

Unlike the regular park or even your backyard, indoor playgrounds are weatherproof and are always a great time. 

If you need help planning a trip to your local indoor playscape and have questions, feel free to reach out to us! Our team of trained experts would love to help you plan the perfect day trip or rainy afternoon activity. 

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