June 24, 2021

Top Kids books of 2021

It is no secret how vital reading is to the health and well-being of children. Not only does it expand their vocabulary, but it also helps them to make sense of the world around them and stimulates their imagination. Reading is also a stable source of information for a child.  Studies have proven that developmentally, reading helps children’s cognitive development (i.e., how they perceive the world, how they empathize with others, information processing, etc.). 

Even with all the benefits of reading, it can certainly be a full-time task to get energetic kids to sit down and read. Which is why we are sharing the top kids books of 2021. 

Keep scrolling for a list of amazing books that will get even the most hesitant reader to crack open a book! 

Welcome Flower Child

Welcome Flower Child is a book that provides the meanings of birth flowers for each month of the year. This book encourages diversity and celebrates nature. Metaphorically implying that every child is a different flower and all make this world a beautiful “garden” to live in. 

Washy Wash! And Other Healthy Habits (Sesame Street)

What would 2021 be without a book on washing your hands? In this humorous and fun book, Sesame Street’s Elmo, Big Bird, and their friends share fun rhyming rules for washing hands, social distancing, and staying healthy. 

My Monster and M

My Monster and M is a story about a little boy whose worry monster follows him everywhere he goes. This heartfelt story helps give children and parents the tools they need to talk about worries, fears, and place a name to anxiety.

My Little Brave Girl

This beautiful picture book is a love letter to little girls inspired by Hilary Duff’s own experiences. The text encourages girls to be brave, dream big, and approach the world with their hearts and eyes wide open. 

The Tree in Me

The Tree in Me is a delicate story with stunning illustrations of children in nature. This picture book explores the ways we are all like trees. Each of us is an individual-- strong, creative, connected. This book is excellent for helping children understand the world around us and our relation to it. 

Roy Digs Dirt 

This is a laugh-out-loud picture book about a curious dog named Roy who (you guessed it) loves to dig! Read along and enjoy learning more about Roy's charming naughtiness and the family who has to clean him up constantly. 

The One and Only Sparkella

The One and Only Sparkella is the picture book debut by Channing Tatum filled with stunning illustrations and poetic text that is an ode to self-esteem, the love between a father and daughter, and the importance of always being yourself. 

The Little Engine That Could: 90th Anniversary Edition

The Little Engine That Could is back with its 90th-anniversary edition. This timeless classic tells the tale of a bit of engine that, despite her size, pulls a train full of beautiful things to the children waiting on the other side of a mountain --  a beautiful reminder to remain kind and determined. 

Because I Had a Teacher

Although it has been a few years, science published, Because I had a Teacher remains a sweet reminder of the gratitude we all feel for our favorite teacher. Through this book, we celebrate our favorite teachers, the worlds they open up for us, and express our thankfulness for the positive differences they make in our world.

Mel Fell

This book is excellent for ages 3-5 and is packed full of adorable illustrations. Mel Fell follows Mel, a Kingfisher Bird, who is ready to learn how to fly. Young readers will be captivated by the humorous animal friends, adventurers, and life lessons that Mel journeys through as she spreads her wings.

Fern and Otto: A Picture Book Story about Two Best Friends

Spark your children’s imagination with tales of friendship, courage, and humor found in Fern and Otto: A Picture Book Story about Two Best Friends. This story follows Fern, a bear, and Otto, a cat, searching for an exciting adventure in the forest with delightful illustrations. This stunning story is a beautiful read-aloud! 


Reading is such a gift for your children and aids their development in so many ways, as does physical activity. If you are looking for a full-day activity that includes enrichment both mentally and physically stimulating, pack up to the car, and head to Mt Playmore. 

Although Mt Playmore is known primarily for its “Texas-sized” playground, Mt Playmore also had an adequately sized reading area. It is the perfect place to release the boundless energy kids innately have and provides a space for quiet time or even a quick break to catch up on a beloved book. The reading area is a space where parents can read with their kids or explore endless book options. 

As always, we are laws available for any questions that you may have! Please feel free to reach out to us via email, the comment section, or by phone. 

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