June 24, 2021

What makes Mt Playmore the best indoor playscape in Austin

What makes Mt Playmore the best indoor playscape in Austin

Austin, Texas, is well known for being a family-friendly city with access to parks, rivers, hiking and biking trails, good food, and a fantastic music scene. What you may not know, however,  is that Austin is also a mecca for indoor playscape options making it an ideal place for anyone raising children. 

Particularly on a rainy afternoon or after a long week, the dozens of playscapes in Austin are an excellent option to burn some much-needed energy. However, with so many playscape options, it is difficult to determine which one to check out first, but we are here to help! 

Keep reading for a detailed look at one of the most popular playscapes in the area, Mt Playmore, as we break down why most people consider it the best in Austin. 

“Texas-sized” Playscape

Mt Playmore is known primarily for its “Texas-sized” playground and is perfect for high-energy kids. As the saying goes, everything is bigger (and better) in Texas, which applies to Mt Playmore’s playscape. Unlike other playscapes, the Mt Playmore playground is specifically designed with children and their parents in mind as the playscape is built to where parents can comfortably maneuver throughout without worrying about getting stuck in tight spaces. Further, Mt Playmore designed tensioned web floors that are easy on the knees and make chasing your children around an enjoyable instead of painful experience. 

If you aren’t in the mood for playing or need a quick break to catch your breath, feel free to hang out in the seating area furnished with cozy sofas and chairs with a 360 view of the play area. 

If the sofas/chairs aren’t cutting it, you also have the option to relax in the massage chairs provided by Mt Playmore. Yes, you read that right! Mt Playmore has massage chairs for ultimate relaxation. Enjoy! 


For the older kids in tow, the arcade is the place to be. Among the classic games like skee ball and air hockey, the Mt Playmore arcade also features newer games like a motion simulator with options ranging from the Arctic terrain to roller coasters and even Outerspace. These games are a must-play

Don’t worry about bringing enough coins for the family. While at Mt Playmore, you have the convenient option to pick up a game card that allows you to add money and reload at any time. 

The arcade is a sure way to keep your kids entertained for hours on end, and when the kids finish playing, they can head up to the redemption counter to redeem their tickets and select a prize! 

Toddler Area 

While the older kids are making their way through the countless arcade games, the younger kids can explore the Kiddie Kanyone while interacting with other children their age.

The Kiddie Kanyon is the largest toddler-only playspace in Austin. The playspace is 1,400 square feet and is filled to the brim with activities, elements, and toys that your youngsters will love! The toddler-only space is also great developmentally as climbing, playing tag, obstacle courses, running races, catching a ball, balancing, etc., helps to form gross motor skills and can improve their coordination. 

Note that Kiddie Kanyon is open only to toddlers 36 inches or smaller, is enclosed, and sock-only. This space is an ideal environment for interactive and safe fun. 

Yeti Cafe

When you and the family start feeling hungry after a few hours of non-stop play, there is no need to leave Mt Playmore to grab lunch or a quick bite to eat. Instead, stop by the Hungry Yeti Cafe, where you can find something that even the pickiest of eaters will love.

The menu includes dining options ranging from pizza, salads, burgers to appetizers like Mozzarella sticks and fried Mushrooms. You can even finish your meal with a delicious sweet treat like funnel cake or fried Oreos. Yum! 

*Make sure to check out the Mt Playmore website for more details on special offers and dates when kids eat free! 


At Mt Playmore, safety is priority number one. 

The adult-friendly playscapes give onlooking parents peace of mind as they can reach their children quickly if needed. Mt Playmore also implemented extensive COVID-19 precautions to ensure that everyone remains safe. Rest assured that the safety of you and your family is at the forefront of everything that Mt Playmore does.

As mentioned, the 360 panoramic view from the comfortable seating area gives an unparalleled view of the entire playscape allowing you to relax and enjoy your time spent at Mt Playmore entirely. 

With its top-notch playscape area, massage chairs, arcade, toddler area, and delicious cafe food options, Mt Playmore has it all. It is easy to see why out of all the indoor playscape options, it is considered the best playscape in Austin, Texas.

So, now that you have the facts, grab your family, jump in the car, and head to Mt Playmore.  Prepare for an ideal afternoon of entertaining fun for all ages (yes, including parents!). 

For more information like hours and pricing, check out the Mt Playmore website HERE. 

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