We take the safety of our guests very seriously.
After all, we created Mt Playmore to provide a safe place for children to play.

Our search for a safer, equally fun outlet for kids led us to the indoor playscape design that is at the heart of Mt Playmore.

Our play structure is not only extremely safe for kids,
but also for parents who want to play alongside their children.

One person in the slide at a time

Remain in the center of the slide at all times

Slide feet first, with legs together

No climbing up slides

Remove shoes, loose jewelry and sharp objects before entering the playscape

Socks must be worn at all times

No backpacks in playscape

Do not bring food or drinks into the playscape

Walk at all times, do not run

Older children are advised to give way to younger children

Always be respectful of the other children; do not push,injure or hit other children.

Unruly children may be removed from Mt Playmore without refund

Parents must accompany any children under the age of 4 on the playscape at all times

Anybody disregarding any of these rules may be asked to leave the playscape

Mt Playmore is not responsible for accidents or injuries.  Play at your own risk